ACE Foundation

Barcelona Alzheimer's Treatment and Research Center

Intermares Glass S.A. partners form part of ACE Board of Trustees, Barcelona Alzheimer's Treatment and Research Center, a nonprofit foundation dedicated for over 15 years to research and improve the quality of life of Alzeheimer patients.

A clinical psychologist, Lluis Tárraga Mestre, and a neurologist, Mercè Boada Rovira, are the founding members of the ACE Foundation, employing 56 professionals. Recognized by the European Union as a center expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, the family foundation maintains very close links with institutions such as the University of Pittsburgh.

The Board of Trustees is composed by:



Cristina Boada Rovira


Lluís Tárraga Mestre


Pere Saumoy Bundó

Board member:

Mercè Boada Rovira

Board member:

Edgar Salsas Boada

Board member:

Joan Boada Rovira

Board member:

Núria de Gispert Català

Board member:

Antoni Gelonch Viladegut