Our group is formed, as well as Glass Intermares, for another company located on the west coast of Scotland. From this area arrive the fresh fish and shellfish from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea. In the northern part of this coastal, sea waters enter kilometers inside the earth forming like estuaries or fjords, an excellent environment from where comes much of our shellfish.

Scotprime Seafoods Ltd:

Founded in 1988 by Boada family with two local partners in Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland, in front of Firth of Clyde. From the year 2007 when our Scottish partners were retired, we have assumed the full management. Scotprime is engaged in fishing, processing and distribution of products of the Scottish coast, which include prawns, scallops, lobsters and razors. Its logistics operator distributes their products in 24-48h in whole Europe.

It is one of the private fishing companies, family-owned, leader in the British market. It has received the prestigious award for export granted by the Queen of England.