Scotprime Seafoods Ltd.

Scotprime Seafoods Ltd is one of Britain’s leading privately owned seafood companies, with a staff combining lots of years of experience and in-depth fishing industry knowledge. We are number one in the seafood industry for our partnership approach to fishing activities; food safety and product quality improvement projects.

The company’s main operations are throughout the coast – in Ayr, Aberdeen and Shetland. All cater for different markets: with Ayr specialising in fresh seafood for export markets, langoustine production, king and queen scallops; the Aberdeen operation is geared mainly towards whiting, haddock and monkfish; while the Shetland operation sources some of the finest quality fish and shellfish available.

Scotprime have continued to diversify their operations to stay in line with the continually changing circumstances and dynamics of the fishing industry. One of the co owned vessels is also fitted with the new EC compliant electronic log book linked to the factory information system. This innovative “SCOTRAK” system gives total traceability and catch information, from the catching point through to the sales system.

Sustainable Business Ethics

We work in close partnership ventures with fishermen and catching companies that conform to the long term sustainability of the industry. We work with wild hunted product, caught by vessels acting within the constraints set down by UK and EC legislation designed to give harvests of quotas of various species that are within safe limits. The catching fleet has been reduced considerably over the years to what are considered to be safe and sustainable levels of activity, using equipment refined to reduce unwanted catch.

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