Cooked fresh octopus Octopus vulgaris

Octopuses lives in the waters of average temperatures, neither too hot nor too cold, in rocky areas up to 200 meters deep.

The octopus has a very hard meat, its body is all fiber because it mainly feds with algae, fish and crustaceans. That's why a good cooking process, as we do in our boilers, it is essential to get ready to be cooked in top condition. Food is very low in cholesterol and with high protein content. It should be noted its value in calcium (more than 140 mg per 100 g.) and vitamins A and group B, especially B1, B2 and B3.

Cooked fresh octopus coming from the best sources, like the Atlantic coast of Morocco and Mauritania, always fished in winter to ensure the product’s highest quality once cooked.Vacuum packed entire. No additives.

Cooked fresh shrimp Parapenaeus longirostris

Shrimps lives on sandy sea bottoms between 100 and 450 meters deep.

Its meat is highly appreciated in gastronomy. The shrimp is rich in minerals (calcium 52 mg per 100 g.) and protein (20,3 g. per 100 gr.), and low in fat.

We select the best sources to cook daily our cooked shrimp to offer the best quality. No dyes.

Cooked fresh prawn Nephrops norvegicus

Prawns from the Porcupine area, Ireland, cooked and packaged fresh. No additives added.