Prawns Nephrops norvegicus

One of the tastiest crustaceans, and with less calories. The main nutrients are proteins and also provides vitamins A, ideal for teething, tissues and membranes of the human body. One of the values that are considered to measure the quality of the norway lobster is the temperature of the water where they live: the lower the temperature is better quality.

The lobsters we sell come from the North Atlantic fishing area (FAO area 27). Two-thirds of the shares of the EU fishing norway lobster relate to the UK, most of these stocks are in the North Sea that bathes the coasts of Scotland. The fact that they live in burrows constructed in the muddy seabed to depths of 500 meters, is a natural factor in the conservation of stocks.

Fresh prawns:

Norway lobster from the west coast of Scotland, fished by our boats of one day capture. Packed on the day of discharge and sent to customers across Europe into 12 h of its receipt. Norway lobster with an intense red colour, very typical of the Firth of Clyde.

Prawn "Gran Sol":

High quality Norway lobster that comes from this fishery zone, located between the Cantabrian coast and west of the British Islands, known for its richness of fishing. Norway lobster packed face up in 2kg polystyrene boxes.

Frozen prawn:

Packed in 1,5 kg polystyrene boxes. It is produced in our Ayr installations in a different way for each client with their own label and specifications according the requirements of each one.

FAS prawns:

Packaged in the same boat in 9 kg cartons to ensure product’s maximum quality. The ones from Porcupine area is especially renowned for its high quality.

Live prawns:

Caught by creels in the crystal clear waters of the west coast of Scotland. Having vivier tanks close to the daily supply sources, makes that the merchandise is in route with a minimum delay.

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