Razor Ensis Ensis / Ensis siliqua

Its meat is highly appreciated, especially if consumed fresh, and has a high nutritional value. Calcium is the main mineral that provides (128 mg per 100 g.), and B group vitamins, mainly B3.

Our razors come from the North Atlantic fishing area (FAO area 27). They live buried in the sand of the seabed, where dig deep vertical holes. Razors prefer the funds located in shallow waters and where the sand is clean, which naturally ensures its health conditions.

Alive diver’s razor:

Alive razor caught by hand, one by one, by divers off the coast of Scotland in our own ships. This method of fishing is totally respectful with the small ecosystem of Loch Leven, a narrow sea entrance on the west coast of Scotland. Guaranteed 100% without sand.

Alive rake’s razor:

Razor caught alive with our own rake ships in the open sea off the coast of western Scotland. Filtered on board.

Frozen razor:

Filtered on board and individually frozen in nitrogen (IQF). Packaged in Scotland in 1 kg. shrink plastic trays or in bulk.

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