Alive lobster Homarus gammarus

It is the largest crustacean living in waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The meat of its legs and claws is very tender and had an intense flavor, on the other hand the meat protected by the shell has a smoother and brighter texture. Lives in the cracks that found in rocky shallow waters.

It is a food very low in fat (every 100 gr. of meat provides 90 calories), ideal for a healthy diet because these fats it contains are unsaturated. It also provides vitamin B3, or niocina that generates red blood cells, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and high iodine.

Lobster caught live with handles on the Scottish coasts and maintained in our vivier tanks of Troon, Scotland, with a capacity of 4,000 kg, until is shipped for its transport.

King scallop’s Fresh Meat Pecten maximus

The king scallop is a guarantee of safety because only lives in areas where water and hollows sand banks, at a depth about 100 m, are extremely clean.

It is a highly valued shellfish food because it is delicious and perfect for special occasions. King scallops are considered a healthy food and perfect for health. It has a high iodine content (58 mg per 100 g.), Sodium and protein.

This king scallop meat is prepared daily at our factory in Ayr, Scotland, depending on the capture of our vessels. We separate the meat from the shell and it is presented with coral.

Half shell fresh king scallop Pecten maximus

We prepare our alive half shell king scallops and always keep the king scallop meat attached to the shell. With coral.

Meat of fresh queen scallop Chlamis varia

The queen scallop habitat are the waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay. They live either on the seabed as rock walls, to depths of about 100 meters.

It's a shellfish high in phosphorus, potassium and sodium.

Elaborated with the queen scallops that are downloaded daily at our installtions in Ayr.

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